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Finding the best assisted living facility in Altoona is all but an easy task, especially considering the wide range of options available in the area. However, one facility is known for offering its residents an unparalleled service: Prairie Vista Village. You want to know why? Just read until the end!

Moving to any retirement home in Altoona is always a complex decision that must be made only after properly assessing all the necessary information on the matter. We all want to provide our loved ones with the best care possible and that is only achievable when researching extensively about what each home offers us.

But you can stop worrying right now, as we have prepared a list of tips for you to make a well-informed decision and give your elder the life quality they deserve.

Also, you’ll find out all the amazing services available at Prairie Vista Village. By the end, you’ll have no doubts about which nursing home is the right call.

5 tips to find the best assisted living facilities in Altoona


When looking for an Altoona assisted living facility, there are several features that you should consider. Understanding how each home treats its residents, how they plan internal activities, and the quality of their medical services will always be fundamental to making a correct decision.

Let’s dive in on these 5 tips for you to feel safe when picking one nursing home over another.

Verify the conditions of the nursing home 

Any facility you chose must be extremely clean and demonstrate it has all the necessary resources for the good overall maintenance of the place. In this way, an adequate environment for the elderly is achieved, which is the most basic feature you should look at in a senior living facility in Altoona.

Analyze the structure of the home

This may be one of the least considered aspects among families. See how many floors it has, if it is spacious or very narrow, if it has ramps and stairs, in short, make sure that the space is really adapted for the elderly.

In that sense, Prairie Vista Village has developed safe spaces with properly equipped bathtubs, stairs, and hallways that guarantee the wellbeing of the residents.

Consider the staff

The level of attention is important and much more for those residents with delicate health circumstances. It’s important to ask about the medical attention and the displacement services that the studied facility offers in case of any incidence. 

In that regard, the skilled nursing present at Prairie Vista Village is among the reasons we are considered the best Altoona senior living home. 

Choose a nearby facility

The closer the family home is located, the easier it is to reach the place if an emergency happens or for any family visit. Proximity is a necessary factor in many aspects.

Select a home that is affordable and suits your expectations

At this point, the opinion of your loved one is very important, since he/she is the one who will spend his/her life stage in this place. Therefore, it is advisable to select the nursing home that offers the older relative’s activities the most.

Moreover, depending on each person’s economic situation, one service may be more expensive than another. Evaluating this aspect will define the type of care that can be provided.

At Prairie Vista Village, many of our services are covered by either Medicare or Medicaid, and we have great relations with health insurance providers. 

It’s all set for you to give your loved ones the lifestyle they deserve! Contact Prairie Vista Village for the best senior living in Altoona IA

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