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No. Moving the elderly or frail is risky and often has long-lasting impacts. Research around natural disasters and other emergency events has proven this over time. CDC does not currently recommend transferring residents either home or to the hospital.

We know that the frail and elderly are especially susceptible to this virus. That’s why we are in close communication with our local health department, CDC and CMS to ensure we have the latest information and resources available.

We have heard that some long-term care providers are having some of the same difficulties as other health care providers getting masks and gowns. Pivotal Health Care continues to work with large number of organizations to locate and purchase supplies. The inventory of PPE supplies are updated daily and equipment is used per the CDC guidelines.

Our state and national associations have encouraged and worked with both federal and state governments to waive current licensing requirements that would hinder care professionals from working across state lines, so we can address potential staffing needs.

Our state and national associations are also advocating for priority testing for our employees and residents, so we can quickly identify whether staff need to remain at home or if they can come back to work.

Staff members continue to be screened daily. If through screening it is identified that a staff member needs to go home they are sent home and the CDC guidelines for return to work are followed.  All of this is tracked by our homes Infection Control Preventionist who is an RN.

Other important information:

  • Home Office and leadership teams participate in weekly Health Care Association Calls where current regulatory updates and guidance related to COVID 19 are shared
  • Receiving updates daily through regulatory entities including department of health, CDC, CMS and summaries of these updates along with guidance is provided by our state and national health care association
  • Participation in CDC and CMS calls
  • We continue to follow CDC guidance for screening employees
  • Following resident screening and care protocols including daily temps and vitals, monitoring for signs and symptoms
  • We continue to follow visitor restrictions
  • Following guidance and protocols for accepting admissions during this pandemic
  • At this time we have no suspected or confirmed cases of COVID 19
  • In the event we identify a case we will follow CDC guidance for isolation and droplet precautions
  • In the event a case is identified this would be communicated to the state and local Public Health Department, families, residents, staff and other required state departments.