Home Monitoring for Seniors

When we talk about home monitoring systems for senior adults, the most common image is that of the commercials with a woman falling and unable to reach her telephone. The ad goes on to taut its wearable technology as the latest development in senior care. However, today’s devices are much more discreet and tech-savvy. Gone are large, clunky wearable devices of the past. Today’s seniors rely on app-based security programs and sleek, modern cameras and motion sensors. We’ve compiled a list of the best home monitoring services and products.

Safety from home invasions and natural disasters are significant concerns for everyone but are especially concerning for aging seniors living alone. New smartphone-enabled security systems like Nest and Abode are popular with customers of all ages for their easy installation and customizable features. Both home security systems boast minimalist systems with few components to manage and troubleshoot. These devices monitor doors, windows, and motion, and trigger an alarm that can notify authorities and caregivers if there is a problem. Both systems use app-based technology to monitor regular activity and send notifications to seniors and caregivers. Notifications regarding smoke alarms, flood warnings, and temperature sensors are shared with caregivers, who can check-in via the smartphone app to make sure things like doors and windows are locked, or if an alarm was triggered by mistake.

The most popular feature of these systems is their integrations with smart devices like Amazon Alexa, or Google Assistant, which allow for voice commands and programmable automation features. Not only can both smart speakers be connected to home safety devices for more comfortable use, but they have also shown to be highly beneficial in assisting seniors living alone. These devices work as a smart home hub that connects to lights, power switches, and other gadgets allowing seniors to control their homes with voice. These assistive devices can also be programmed to call loved ones and set reminders for important tasks, like changing the batteries in a smoke detector, or reminding one to turn the oven off. Voice-activated technology has shown to eliminate the learning curve with technology that can be a barrier for seniors.

One device that deploys similar technology to Alexa and Google Assistant, but with aging seniors as their primary focus is TruSense. This network of home-connected devices integrates with other smart home devices. It includes a motion sensor, contact sensor, and smart outlets that work together to provide up-to-date data for caregivers. TruSense also provides caregivers with probable fall alerts and notifications for when a loved one leaves home.

A recognizable name that has recently come up in senior care is Best Buy for its newly launched Assured Living service. The goal of Assured Living is to give adult children and caregivers peace of mind when living apart from aging parents, by using non-invasive sensors and notifications for activities like movement and sleep patterns. The service also provides aging seniors with the latest in smart home technology, such as voice commands for lights and thermostat controls. Aging parents and caregivers can track the data from the sensors via an online portal or mobile app, or can sign up for notifications via text or email. These sensors learn the habits and routines of seniors over time to notify loved ones when common patterns are disrupted. In addition to safety and emergencies, the sensors can also show whether a loved one has opened a medicine cabinet or refrigerator. The device can also monitor sleep quality and activity levels.

When it comes to independence and home safety, today’s seniors have several high tech and easy to operate services and devices to choose from, regardless of their personal needs.

At Northridge Village, we provide emergency pendant systems that allow residents to click a button for help, and all exterior doors are monitored and alarmed. If you have questions about our building security, please give us a call!

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